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ScotchBlue for Taping Shapes!

ScotchBlue for Taping Shapes!

Here’s a way to personalize your space and have fun experimenting. Paint shapes on different surfaces around your home, to add visual interest or to make a room feel up to date without changing your style.

Step by step

  • A woman painting on a wall with a brush.

    Prepare surface

    Paint your basecoat and let it dry 24 hours, or skip this step and use an existing surface.

  • A woman using a ruler and a pencil to draw shapes on a wall.

    Draw shapes

    Use a pencil to lightly draw your shapes on the surface. You can do this freehand, use a pencil and ruler, or cut a shape out of cardboard to use as a template.

  • A woman using ScotchBlue™ Painter's Tape to outline shapes on a wall.


    Tape around each shape, making sure you protect all areas that should not be painted. And keep pencil lines inside the border of the tape.

  • A woman painting inside shapes on a wall.

    Paint and reveal

    Paint your shapes, and then allow paint to dry for at least 24 hours. Slowly remove the tape to reveal your finished design.

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