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3M 08323A ~ Factory-Match Seam Sealer - 6.8 fl. Oz (200 ml)

by 3M

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3M Factory-Match Seam Sealer 08323, 200 mL Cartridge

  • The 3M Factory-Match Seam Sealer is designed using two part urethane technology to provide a tough flexible material for the sealing of joints on primed or painted substrates such as steel or aluminum enclosures
  • This material provides excellent flexibility and elongation properties along with a medium/high viscosity and produces a slight flow-out after application.
  • Part # 7000148202
    Sold in qty's of 6
    Country of origin USA
    Product type Seam Sealers

    Extra Product Information

  • Single component sealers require significant dry time before components can be handled or further processed in the shop
  • The high-performance 3M Factory-Match Seam Sealer operates with a two-part cartridge nozzle that self-mixes with a perfect formulation
  • Product Features

  • Black
  • Flows slightly and softens on the edges without tooling for a rounded appearance
  • High performance two-part urethane seals vertical or horizontal seams to match OEM seals
  • Metered static mixing with dual syringe cartridge eliminates the difficulty and mess of manual mixing
  • Quick cure time and non-sag property aids during vertical applications
  • To create a ribbon bead, use a 3M OEM Sealer Tip - 3/8 inch Flat PN 08204