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ScotchBlue Painters Tape

Pull Off a Better Paint Job

Scotch-Blue painter's tapes are the most versatile among the Scotch masking tapes and they are the best choice for most painting projects. Both tapes remove cleanly in challenging situations, including glass exposed to direct sunlight. No matter which tape you choose for your painting project, you will be glad it was Scotch-Blue painters tape! Test before use. Do not use with or on lacquer, paper or foil wallcoverings, unprimed wallboard, or rough surfaces.

  • For most smooth or delicate surfaces such as fresh paint (24 hours old), vinyl-coated wallpaper, primed wallboard, wood floors (properly bonded), faux painting and striping
  • Low Adhesion
  • Removal Time: Up to 60 days
  • Best paint lines are achieved when used on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces
  • Interior or exterior