2216-A-5GAL-GRY Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 2216 Part A Grey 19 L 1 Per Case

by 3M

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3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 2216 is a flexible, high strength epoxy adhesive for bonding many metals, woods, plastics, rubbers, and masonry products. It has a 2:3 mix ratio, 90 minute worklife and handling strength in 8 to 12 hours.

Manufacturer part # 7000046361
Minimum order qty 5
Line Scotch-Weld
Country of origin US
Product type Epoxy Part A Adhesives

Extra Product Information

  • 3M Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 2216 cures at room temperature and provides high strength bonds with exceptional performance in shear and peel
  • It can be used to bond rubber, metal, wood, most plastics and masory products
  • good environmental resistance.
  • Product Features

  • Two-part epoxy adhesive
  • 2:3 mix ratio, 90 minute worklife and handling strength in 8 - 12 hours
  • Shock, vibration, and flexing resistant
  • Good strength retention after environmental aging
  • High peel and shear strength
  • Cures at room temperature
  • Manufacturer Suggested Use

  • Designed for general industrial, sporting goods, solar energy, wind energy, composites, electronics, military, transportation and aerospace applications
  • Ideal for panel & trim bonding, gluing, joining, attaching, assembling, applications
  • Alternative to riveting or welding, bolt setting, frame building, rivet free assembly