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3M 4712-24X36 ~ Vinyl Tape 4712 Black 24 Inch x 36 Yards 7000143298

by 3M

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3M Vinyl Tape, 4712, black, 24.0 in x 36.0 yd x 5.2 mil (61.0 cm x 32.9 m x 0.14 mm)

  • Solve a variety of challenges, including masking, colour coding, marking, and surface protection with our durable 3M™ Vinyl Tape 4712
  • Designed to resist wear, scrapes, and moisture, this long-lasting tape is available in an array of vivid colours, as well as transparent
  • This tape is a linered version of our popular 3M™ Vinyl Tape 471, and is ideal for die-cutting and large area applications.
  • Part # 7000143298
    Sold in qty's of 2
    Color Black
    Length 36yds
    Width 24 Inch
    Country of origin United States
    Product type Electrical Tapes

    Extra Product Information

  • Designed with unique stretch properties, this tape conforms to rough, irregular, curved, and convex surfaces while remaining stretched and without lifting after application
  • The rubber adhesive offers quick stick and excellent holding strength on many sub
  • Product Features

  • Linered version of 3M™ Vinyl Tape 471
  • Available in a wide variety of vivid colours for diverse applications
  • Unique stretch properties enable tape to remain stretched to conform to uneven surfaces without lifting and retracting
  • One piece, clean removal from many surfaces which helps reduce clean-up and labour costs
  • Rubber adhesive provides excellent holding strength on many surfaces
  • Good abrasion and solvent resistance for long service life
  • Waterproof and easily removable
  • Manufacturer Suggested Use

  • Great for die cuts and large area masking
  • Stretch to seal canisters and other storage containers that