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3M 9471-24X180 ~ Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471 24 Inch x 180yds (60.1 cm x 165m) 7000123341

by 3M

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3M Adhesive Transfer Tape, 9471, 24 in x 180 yd (60.1 cm x 165 m)

  • 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471 is a 2.0 mil 3M High Strength Acrylic Adhesive 300 on a 3.5 mil, 60 pound densified kraft paper liner
  • It features a very high initial adhesion and it is ideal as a general purpose transfer tape for a variety of high tack, thin applications.
  • Part # 7000123341
    Sold in qty's of 1
    Length 180yds
    Width 24 Inch
    Country of origin United States
    Product type Transfer Tapes

    Extra Product Information

  • 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471 features up to 250°F (121.1°C) of short-term heat resistance
  • It is quick flowing and has good shear holding power, as well as good UV and chemical resistance
  • 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471 is ideal for high surface energ
  • Product Features

  • Thin, high tack adhesive transfer tape for rotary die-cutting processes
  • Good UV, chemical and solvent resistance
  • Ideal for HSE and LSE materials
  • Easy to die-cut and process
  • Densified kraft paper liner
  • Manufacturer Suggested Use

  • Used for adhering, affixing, assembling, attaching, bonding, converting, cushioning, fastening, fixturing, gasketing, gluing, holding, identifying, ingress protecting, insulating, isolating, joining, labelling, laminating, marking, mounting, processing, sealing, securing, spacing, splicing, sticking, taping and more
  • Used for general industrial applications, transportation, automotive, appliances
  • Ideal for adhering, joining, affixing, bonding, mounting, holding, and attaching HSE and some LSE materials