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3M 9471-24X180 ~ Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471 24 Inch x 180 Yards (60.1 cm x 165m)

by 3M

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3M Adhesive Transfer Tape, 9471, clear, 2 mil (.05 mm), 24 in x 180 yd (609.60 mm x 164.59 m)

  • The 3M Adhesive Transfer Tape 9471 is a 2.0 mil (0.05 mm) 3M High Strength Acrylic Adhesive 300 on a 3.5 mil (0.08 mm), 60 lb (27.2 kg) densified kraft paper liner
  • It features a very high initial adhesion and it is ideal as a general purpose transfer tape for a variety of high tack, thin applications.
  • Part # 7000123341
    Sold in qty's of 1
    Length 180yds
    Width 24 Inch
    Material 9471
    Country of origin USA
    Product type Transfer Tapes

    Extra Product Information

  • This tape is ideal for high surface energy (HSE) and low surface energy (LSE) materials, textured plastics, foams, fabrics coated papers, and features short-term heat resistance of up to 250?F (121.1?C)
  • It is quick flowing and has good shear holding powe
  • Product Features

  • Good UV and chemical resistance
  • High initial adhesion
  • Minimal adhesive allows for low profile bond line applications
  • Short-term high temperature resistance up to 250?F (121?C)
  • Manufacturer Suggested Use

  • Used for adhering, affixing, assembling, attaching, bonding, converting, cushioning, fastening, fixturing, gasketing, gluing, holding, identifying, ingress protecting, insulating, isolating, joining, labelling, laminating, marking, mounting, processing, s