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3M 9500PC-18X36
Double Coated Tape 9500Pc 18 in x 36 Yards 6.0 Mil 1 Ro

by 3M

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  • 3M Double Coated Tape 9500PC is a two-sided tape with a 5.5-mil (0.14 mm) high-performance acrylic 3M Adhesive 350 adhesive on‎ a polycoated kraft paper liner
  • It features a 2-mil (0.05 mm) polyester carrier for improved dimensional stability and can be u
  • Manufacturer part # 7000123812
    Minimum order qty 1
    Country of origin USA
    Product type Double Sided Tapes

    Product Features

  • Polycoated kraft paper liner is moisture resistant and can withstand high humidity conditions
  • High holding strength and heat resistance up to 350°F (178°C)
  • Liner helps to reduce edge burr during hard tool die cutting
  • Minimal cockling or wrinkling
  • Manufacturer Suggested Use

  • Used for splicing, adhering, joining, affixing, bonding, mounting, holding and attaching dissimilar materials
  • Used for commercial printing, general industrial, print and print finishing, or paper and print
  • Ideal for high speed flying splices and zero speed splices on most grades of paper, including newsprint, clay coated and corrugated stocks